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About Us

About Us

dorak is a smart cloud-based queueing management system that helps you relief customers from standing in long waiting queues, eases your interactions and helps you understand your customers better.

Brief Introduction

Dorak is a smart cloud-based queueing management system

Humanity has appreciated time since its conception, being the most valuable and the one commodity that cannot be replaced or renewed by any means, and this deeply built-in sense led to humans instinctively dreading anything that wastes time, especially if this waste comes with pain and uncertain anticipation, a matter most resembled by waiting in queues.

The world is witnessing radical changes in how digital content is shaped, machine learning and artificial intelligence launched a new creative revolution, reaching mass audiences around the globe, touching, and enhancing lives and businesses every day, with every process, platform, and application.

dorak is an innovative queueing management system that blends the science of queueing with machine learning to appreciate human time and make you utilize every minute of your day.



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